New Certification in the Works


Little Lambs Birth Services is proud to announce a new certification that will soon be added to our list of qualifications!

From Adrienne:

As a childbirth educator, I have always struggled with the idea that one must be “certified” in order to pass on the information gleaned from experience and personal research. This is why I started teaching childbirth classes without any formal instruction in the matter. However, ever the eager student, I’ve decided it prudent to find a program that both met my personal needs and would also equip me with the skills necessary to offer an even better childbirth education experience for our students.

This month I started my program with Birth Arts International. Birth Arts is a well-known and respected organization that offers many resources to any curious learners and also offers certifications for breastfeeding coaches, midwives’ assistants, childbirth and postpartum doulas, and childbirth educators. Only four weeks into the program and I have already learned many new things and am really loving it.

I’m excited to gain new resources and access to materials (both pre-made and made-by-me) that will enhance the learning of the students who take our classes. Knowing that the better equipped I am as an educator, the better equipped our “graduates” will be as birthing parents, inspires me to continue my learning and add to my credentials. I will hopefully finish this certification by the end of this year, 2012.

Interested in joining a childbirth class? Contact us!

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