QC Hypnobirthing with Janel Miner


We all attended a HypnoBirthing Basics class with Janel Miner. Janel is a labor and delivery nurse at Trinity Moline as well as a student of midwifery (graduating May 2012). She also has experience as a doula, a breastfeeding consultant, and a homebirth midwifery assistant. She’s been teaching HypnoBirthing since 2002.

I think we’ve all been a little leery of HypnoBirthing just because of the name itself. I’m not to keen on Hypnosis. But, I really respect Janel and wanted to know more. I have also viewed a few births on YouTube where the mother implemented HypnoBirthing. It didn’t look that bad!

Janel shared about her personal birthing history and how fearful she was of birth. That sent her searching and landed here here: to HypnoBirthing.

The class was a basic overview of the history and the methods taught in HypnoBirthing. It was very interesting! In HypnoBirthing, The Mongan Method, the woman is taught to relax using self-hypnosis techniques. The goal is a natural labor and birth, which is something the woman already knows is within her, but doesn’t know how to access. It’s a deep relaxation, allowing the woman to get rid of fear and to let birth occur as it has for centuries. She pointed out that women in other cultures who aren’t taught that birth is “supposed to hurt” often don’t experience pain. Janel also talked about the failure to progress stemming from fear, tension and pain. The fear, tension, and pain cycle can be seen when see toddlers who are afraid to have a bowel movement. They “hold it” for so long that it then hurts, which leads to more pain and then more fear about going again the next time. When women are feeling these things, their bodies will stop working. HypnoBirthing teaches them to let go and birth their babies. Janel provided us with a list of gentle birthing terminology as well. A great resource for a mother who is fearful about labor.

I’m really glad we all went to this session – I think we learned a great deal! I’m actually looking forward to taking Janel’s HypnoBirthing class in May!

Want to know more? Visit Janel’s website and find her on Facebook!

Happy birthing <3 Sarah M.

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